Fujifilm FinePix S1

The Fujifilm FinePix S1 is the first weather-resistant bridge camera of the world and comes with an impressive 50x optical zoom. The FinePix S1 has a DSLR-styled body and it is an all-new model (doesn’t replace an existing model).

The FinePix S1 comes with a 16.4 MP 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor that is able to deliver high-resolution stills and full HD 1080p movies with notable low-light performance to ISO 12800. A 5-axis image stabilization system is present on this camera and consists of the 2-axis optical image stabilization system (that counters pitch and yaw movements) and a 3-axis electronic image stabilization (that compensate for roll, vertical shift and horizontal shift movement types).

The Fujifilm FinePix S1 has a super-long built-in Fujinon 50x optical zoom lens, that has a maximum aperture of f/2.8-5.6 and provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 24-1200 mm. Aspherical and ED lens elements are incorporated into the lens construction to reduce aberration and color fringing throughout the zoom range.

The FinePix S1 features also a 3.0″ LCD monitor with a vari-angle design and an eye-level 0.2″ electronic viewfinder. The S1 is equipped also with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that allows for instant sharing of images directly to an Android or iOS device.

With approximately 70 dust and weatherproof seals, the S1 can be used in harsh and inclement conditions. The inclusion of a slide-lever zoom control, one-touch movie record button, and ergonomic camera grip give this camera an immense amount of efficiency through physical design.

the TFT LCD monitor of the Finepix S1

Finepix S1 display


Fujifilm FinePix S1 specifications:

  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with primary color filter; 16.4 MP
  • Lens: Fujinon lens; 13 elements in 11 groups (includes 2 aspherical and 4 extra low dispersion elements)
  • Storage: SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • File format: still image – JPEG, RAW; movie – MOV (.H264 with Linear PCM stereo)
  • Zoom: 50x optical zoom; 2.0x intelligent digital zoom
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 12800
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch, 920k-dot vari-angle type TFT color LCD monitor; 97% coverage
  • EVF: 0.2-inch, 920k-dot color LCD viewfinder
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 (High-Speed) micro USB terminal; HDMI mini connector (type C)
Fujifilm FinePix S1 with 50x optical zoom lens

Fujifilm FinePix S1


Fujifilm FinePix S1 reviews

You can read a great FinePix S1 expert review on Photography Blog, that concludes:

The S1 really is an all-in-one camera that will cope with virtually everything that you can throw at it, from macro photography to sports and wildlife, safe in the knowledge that its weather-resistant construction should withstand most things that you subject it to.


FinePix S1 super-zoom digital camera

FinePix S1

Fujifilm S1 rear view

Fujifilm S1

Fujifilm FinePix S1 weather-proof bridge camera

Fujifilm FinePix S1

FinePix S1 from Fujifilm

Fujifilm S1

Fujifilm FinePix S1

Fujifilm S1


Fujifilm FinePix S8400W

The Fujifilm FinePix S8400W is a bridge camera that has a powerful 44x optical zoom lens and a built-in Wi-Fi that allows an easy transfer og images to computers, tablets and smartphones. The 44x optical zoom lens gives a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 24-1056 mm, that can be effectively doubled through the use of Intelligent Digital zoom. This lens also has a maximum aperture of f/2.9-6.5 and utilizes lens-shift type optical image stabilization.

The Fujifilm S8400W is equipped with a 16 megapixel 1/2.3″ Back-Side-Illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor that is able to deliver high resolution images and notable low-light performance. This sensor also helps camera to record full HD videos up to 1920 x 1080i in the H.264 format. Video playback is possible directly on an HD TV through an HDMI connection. Also present on the S8400W is a 3.0″ 460k-dot LCD monitor that provides a large and bright area, ideal for scrolling the images. This bridge digital camera also features an eye-level electronic viewfinder that has a 201k-dot resolution and a built-in eye sensor to deactivate the LCD monitor during use.

The Fujifilm S8400W comes with a lot of options that allow shooting in various conditions but also allow the expression of creativity. There are six different artistic effects, Manual Exposure mode, Scene Position modes, Face Detection, Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, Motion Panorama 360 and many more.

Fujifilm FinePix S8400W

The FinePix S8400W


Fujifilm FinePix S8400W specifications:

  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch CMOS BSI; 16.2 effective MP
  • Lens: Fujinon 44x optical zoom lens; 17 lenses in 12 groups
  • Digital zoom: Intelligent Digital zoom, approx. 2.0x (up to approx. 88x with 44x optical zoom)
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 12800
  • Image stabilizer: Lens shift type
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch, 460k-dot TFT color LCD monitor, approx. 97% coverage
  • Movie recording: 1920 x 1080 pixels (60 fps)/ 1280 x 720 pixels (30 fps) with stereo sound
  • Storage media: SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 High-Speed; HDMI mini connector
  • Power Supply: 4xAA type alkaline batteries/ 4 x AA type rechargeable batteries
Fuji S8400W

FinePix S8400W


Fujifilm FinePix S8400W reviews:

You can find more details about Fujifilm S8400W as well as a lot of sample photos on ephotozine.com website.



The S8400W superzoom camera from Fujifilm

FinePix S8400W

The LCD of the FinePix S8400W

Fujifilm S8400W display

Fujifilm S8400W with huge 44x optical zoom



Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR

The Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR is a compact travel zoom digital camera that has a body that is easy to put in a pocket and that continues the tradition of Fuji to offer superior photo quality, intuitive use and advanced features.

The F900EXR comes with a 16 MP 1/2″ EXR CMOS II sensor that delivers high resolution images with notable low-light performances. This sensor in combination with the EXR Processor II image processor gives camera the ability to shooting up to 9fps, continuous shooting up to 11 fps, as well as a high sensitivity to ISO 12800. The image sensor of F900EXR also incorporates phase-detection pixels into its design to enable a quick and responsive Intelligent Hybrid AF System.

The FinePix F900EXR also features a 20x optical zoom that gives a 35mm-equivalent zoom range of 25-500 mm. With a maximum aperture of f/3.5-5.3 and with aspherical lens elements incorporated into the lens construction, this Fujinon lens reduces the appearance of chromatic aberration and color fringing throughout the zoom range. Also present is a CMOS-shift type image stabilization system that reduces the effects of camera shake.

The F900EXR can record Full HD movie up to 1920 x 1080p at 60fps with the continuous phase-detection AF available during recording. Images can be seen on a 3.0″ 920K-dot LCD monitor. This camera also has a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that allows for instant sharing of images directly to an iOS or Android mobile device.

The Fujifilm F900EXR is available in black, gold, champagne, red and indigo blue body colors.

The Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR



Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR specifications:

  • Sensor: 1/2-inch EXR CMOS II; 16MP
  • Lens: Fujinon 20x optical zoom lens
  • File format: still – JPEG, RAW; movie – H.264 (MOV)
  • Storage media: SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 12800
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch, 920k-dot TFT LCD monitor with 100% coverage
  • Interface: USB 2.0 High-Speed; HDMI Mini Connector
Fuji F900EXR with Fujinon 20x optical zoom lens

FinePix F900EXR


Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR reviews:

More details about Fuji FinePix F900EXR as well as experts opinions about handling and image quality you can read on pocket-lint.com website.

Also, another short F900EXR review comes from digitalcamerainfo.com website.


The Fuji F900EXR's buttons

Fuji F900EXR

The LCD monitor of F900EXR

Fuji F900EXR display

FinePix F900EXR with pop-up flash

FinePix F900EXR


Fujifilm X100S

The Fujifilm X100S is the successor to the popular X100 camera and features a retro design, a metal body almost idenical to its predecessor, but has dramatic improvements.

The Fujifilm X100S comes with a new 16 MP APS-C-sized X-Trans CMOS sensor and a new EXR Processor II to provide high quality images and faster response time. There is a short list of compact cameras that use an APS-C sensor, which is about 10x bigger than those found in most compacts.

The Fuji X100S has an Hybrid Viewfinder which provides both the simplicity of an OVF with the technological advancements of an EVF. Also is available a 460k-dot TFT LCD monitor to provide clear and sharp live view monitoring. The lens is a built-in 23mm f/2 fixed focal length that provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 35 mm, which is ideally suited as an everyday-use wide-angle lens.

The Fujifilm X100S can record full 1920 x 1080 HD movies at 60 fps with stereo sound. A high bit-rate of 36 Mbs enables greater clarity when shooting video. X100S also has an Intelligent Hybrid AF system, that is a quicq autofocus system and employs both contrast- and phase-detection methods.

The buttons of Fuji X100S

Fuji X100S


Fujifilm X100S specifications:

  • Sensor: 23.6mm x 15.8mm (APS-C) X-Trans CMOS II
  • Sensitivity: ISO 200 – 6400 (standard) – 25600 (extended)
  • File Format: JPEG; RAW; H.264
  • Storage media: SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • Monitor: 2.8-inch; 460k dot TFT color LCD
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 High-Speed; HDMI mini connector.
The new X100S from Fujifilm

Fujifilm X100 S


Fujifilm X100S reviews:

The Fuji X100S is constructed from magnesium alloy and has a very high quality feel with retro styling. Exposure is set using a shutter speed dial and aperture ring. More about this you can read on Fuji X100S review from techradar.com. This website concludes:

We liked the retro design and control arrangement of the Fuji X100S. Its image quality is also good, but it is surpassed by that of the Fuji X-Pro1, which is capable of producing pictures that aren’t far off those from some full-frame cameras.


The Fujifilm X100S produces images of good quality, with noise-free images from ISO 200 to 3200. The RAW files is also excellent, with usable images throughout the entire range of ISO 200 – 6400. More about image quality of X100S you can find on photographyblog.com, that concludes:

The X100S now offers a compelling mix of intuitive handling, impeccable image quality, a truly innovative viewfinder and quick performance.


If you are interested about manual focus or autofocus of Fuji X100S, you can find interesting explanations and demos on stevehuffphoto.com website.

Fujifilm X100S buttons

Fujifilm X100S

The LCD monitor of Fujifilm X100S

Fujifilm X100 S

Fujifilm X100S

Fujifilm X100S

Fujifilm X100S picture

Fujifilm X100S


Fujifilm XF1

The X-series from Fujifilm is a premium fashionable retro-style range of digital camera which puts together the modern technology an a classic retro style body. The Fujifilm XF1 is a compact camera that belongs to this premium X range.

The Fujifilm XF1 is a premium point-and-shoot camera that has an aluminum body with faux leather wrap that give the camera a classic looks. The Fujifilm XF1 comes with a 12 MP 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor, a Fujinon f/1.8 4x zoom lens and a 3.0″ Premium Clear LCD monitor with a resolution of 460,000 dots. Other features of Fujifilm XF1 include an ISO range of 100 – 12800, full range of manual controls, optical image stabilisation, a built-in pop-up flash, RAW image capture and 360° panoramic shooting. The XF1 also can record 1080i HD movie with stereo sound.

The Fujifilm XF1 also has an EXR Auto mode that recognises 58 types of scene and optimizes the settings automatically and switches the sensor mode for the scene and subject (HR High Resolution mode for well-lit condition, SN mode for low light and DR mode for high-contrast scenes).

The Fujifilm XF1 can be operated manually via the lens ring, rather than via a button or switch on the back of the camera or around the shutter release. This manual control is rare in traditional compact cameras category.

The Fuji XF1 is available in red, tan and black.

The XF1 retro-style camera from Fujifilm

Fuji XF1


Fujifilm XF1 key features:

  • Sensor: 2/3-inch EXR CMOS, 12.0 effective MP
  • Lens: Fujinon lens, 6 groups with 7 lenses
  • Zoom: 4x optical zoom; 2x digital zoom
  • File format: still image – JPEG, RAW; movie – H.264 (MOV) with stereo sound
  • Storage: internal memory (aprox 25 MB); SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 12800
  • Image stabilizer: Lens shift type
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch; 460,000 dots LCD with 100% coverage
  • Connectivity: NTSC/PAL video ouput with monaural sound, USB 2.0 High-Speed, HDMI Mini connector
The Fujifilm XF1

Fujifilm XF1


Fujifilm XF1 reviews:

The Fuji XF1’s top plate is distinctly austere – it’s home to just the shutter button, customizable Fn button and exposure mode dial. With the lens in the fully-collapsed position, this camera is slender and pocketable. More about XF1 you can read on dpreview.com.

Another Fujifilm XF1 review comes from steve-digicams.com website. Here it is claimed that the XF1 performs very well in low light photos, with or without the flash, thanks in large part to its high-quality image sensor. This website concludes:

The XF1 creates some great photos, with good color and sharpness. It also has some very fast response times, with no significant shutter lag and with minimal shot-to-shot delays. The XF1 has a sharp LCD, and the on-screen menus can give you quite a few interesting control options. Those are all things you’d expect to find in a camera that costs around $500.


The image quality of XF1 is generally quite impressive for a compact camera of this type. The XF1 is able to record an impressive amount of details with images standing up to scrutiny when enlarged to 100%. Read more about this on trustedreviews.com website. This website concludes:

The XF1 enters a competitive field in the form of the enthusiast compact market, where it primarily distinguishes itself from its peers through its smart, retro design. The camera’s leather and matte aluminium finish, along with the manual zoom operation make the XF1 a pleasing camera to hold and use. Retract the lens fully and the camera can also be easily pocketed.


Another Fujifilm XF1 review comes from Photography Blog that, among other, says:

The XF1 is clearly an attempt to widen the appeal of Fujifilm’s X-series even further, with its clean lines and uncluttered looks resulting in a chic, classically styled camera


Fujifilm XF1

Fuji XF1

Fuji XF1 has a Fujinon lens

Fuji XF1

The Fujifilm XF1 with aluminum body

Fujifilm XF1

Fujifilm XF1 photo detail

Fujifilm XF1 black

Fujifilm XF1

Fujifilm XF1


Fujifilm FinePix F750EXR

The new superzoom Fujifilm FinePix E750EXR compact digital camera is a point-and-shoot digital still and video camera that comes with a 16 MP 1/2″ EXR CMOS sensor and delivers superior image quality, especially in low light situations. The Fujifilm F750EXR features an EXR processor and an innovative motion detection that recognizes 58 different scene types and automatically optimizes every setting to create the best images.

This sleek Fujifilm FinePix F750EXR camera also features an integrated Fujinon 20x optical zoom lens and it is capable to capture full HD 1920 x 1080p video at 30 fps. This new F-series camera from Fujifilm is also optimized for a sure grip, control and comfort, and offers a new programable function button. Fujifilm F750EXR has an ISO range of 100 – 12800 and can shoot RAW files.

The Fujifilm FinePix F750EXR is equipped with a 3.0″ LCD color display and it is capable to capture 3D shots. The F750EXR has a highly sensitive gyro sensor, which along with the intelligent image stabilization system provides an enhanced image quality with reduced noise and blurring in still pictures. The Face Detection and Automatic Red-eye Removal settings are also included in the list of F750EXR’s features.


Fujifilm FinePix F750EXR


Fujifilm FinePix F750EXR specifications:

  • Sensor: 1/2-inch, EXR CMOS sensor, 16.0 million effective pixels
  • Lens: Fujinon 20x optical zoom lens; 14 lenses in 11 groups
  • Aperture: F3.5 / F10
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 12800
  • Image Stabilizer: CMOS shift type
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch LCD TFT monitor; 400,000 dots
  • File format: still image: JPEG,RAW; movie: H.264 (MOV)
  • Storage: SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • Connectivity: NTSC/PAL with monaural sound; USB 2.0 High-Speed; HDMI Mini Connector


Fujifilm FinePix F750 EXR 20x optical zoom camera


Fujifilm FinePix F750EXR reviews:

The best expert review of Fujifilm FinePix E750EXR can be found, for now, on the digitalcamerainfo.com website. You can read in this review about design, usability and image quality of Fujifilm F750EXR.

Finepix F750EXR lens detail

new Fujifilm F750EXR


Fuji F750EXR image


Fujifilm F750EXR 20x optical zoom photo


Fujifilm FinePix F750EXR red

Finepix F750EXR image


Fujifilm FinePix XP 150

The Fujifilm FinePix XP 150 is the most robust Fujifilm camera ever. The new FinePix XP 150 is a waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof digital camera and it is perfect camera for anyone who lives for the great outdoors and wants to be able to document their exploits every step of the way. With a solid build and a riveted metal handgrip, the Fujifilm FinePix XP 150 is also dedicated to climbers, walkers and mountain bikers, people who can benefit from the XP150’s increased shock profing capabilities. The Fujifilm XP150 can also captures underwater photos to a depth of 10 meter/ 32.8 feet.

The Fujifilm FinePix XP150 is buit around a 14 MP CMOS image sensor and a 5X optical zoom Fujinon lens. The Fuji FinePix X 150 also offers CMOS sensor shift image stabilisation and has a wide ISO range from 100 to 3200. The Fujifilm XP150 also allows full 1080p HD movie capture at 30 fps and underwater movie function. An integrated high-sensitivity GPS module completes features list of FinePix XP 150.

Fujinon lens of new XP150


Fujifilm FinePix XP 150 specifications:

  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch CMOS, 14.4 MP
  • Lens: Fujinon 5x optical zoom
  • Digital zoom: aprox 6.8x
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 – 3200
  • Aperture: F3.9/F6.2 (wide); F4.9/F8 (Telephoto)
  • Monitor: 2.7-inch, 230,000 dots, TFT LCD monitor
  • Movie: 1920 x 1080 pixels with monaural sound
  • Storage: internal memory (47 MB); SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card

FinePix XP 150 top view


Fujifilm FinePix XP 150 reviews:

In the Fujifilm FinePix XP 150 review, the trustedreviews.com website says that XP150 retains the same basic shape of the old XP30 with the addition of a small metallic plate on the front where your finger sit, which extends around to the battery/memory card latch. On this website you can read more about features and design of Fujifilm XP 150.

The menu of Fujifilm XP150 is easy to work. The main menu controls features like autofocus mode or continuous shooting settings. You can acces the setup menu from here or you can change the interface settings. More about this you can learn on Fujifilm FinePix XP150 review from digitalcamerainfo.com. The experts of this website conclude:

 The XP150 is built in the travel anywhere style, being able to withstand freezing, drowning, particulate matter, and droppings. This particular model has the best tough stats, as well as the highest quality imaging in the XP line. You get 14.4-megapixel photos, with a great CMOS sensor.

FinePix xP 150 display

The new Fujifilm FinePix XP150 takes good quality images. Chromatic aberration, fingering and noise are low. The underwater shots are mostly clear and detailed, although dark in some  places. More about performance of XP150 and sample images you can read on Fuji FinePix XP150 review from techradar.com. The verdict of this website is:

The Fuji FinePix XP150 is a fast and easy to use camera that should survive all manner of outdoor pursuits with the adventurous photographer. Reasonably priced and with a wide array of specialised functions, it’s definitely a contender in the tough outdoor camera market.


Another Fuji FinePix XP 150 short review comes from ephotozine.com. Here you can see more sample images with different settings and you can find results from different tests.

FinePix XP 150 detail

Fujifilm FinePix P150 underwater picture

Fuji FinePix XP 150 orange


Fujifilm FinePix XP 150 black

Fuji XP 150 sides detail


Fujifilm XP 150 body colors


Fujifilm X-S1

The new Fujifilm X-S1 is a super-zoom bridge camera with a long list of features, excellent image quality and intuitive user interface. Looking like a DSLR, the new Fujifilm X-S1 boasts a 26x zoom lens and has a maximum aperture of f/2.8. Other highlights of the X-S1 include mechanical image stabilisation, manual zoom and focusing controls, a large 2/3-inch 12-megapixel EXR CMOS sensor, a 3-inch tilting LCD monitor, full 1080p HD movie recording with stereo sound, ISO range of 100 – 12800 and more.

Featuring a 12-group, 17-element lens configuration, the manual optical 26x zoom is a masterpiece of Fujinon technology. The adoption of high optical performance glass lens elements make the exceptional brightness of F2.8 at wide angle and F5.6 at telephoto possible. For telephoto shots beyond the 26x optical zoom range, Intelligent Digital Zoom doubles the zoom to the equivalent for 52x zoom and delivers excellent sharpness and detail.

XS1 superzoom camera from Fujifilm

new Fujifilm X-S1



Fujifilm X-S1 specifications:

  • Lenses: Fujinon 26x optical zoom lens
  • Sensor: 2/3-inch EXR CMOS; 12 MP
  • Focal length: f=6.1 – 158.6 mm
  • Zoom: 26x optical, 2x digital, 52x combined
  • Image stabilisation: mechanical, lens shift type
  • Display: 3.0-inch TFT LCD monitor; 460,000 dots
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 12800
  • Storage: internal memory (26MB); SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • File format: still image-JPEG, RAW; movie- H.264 (mov) with Stereo sound
  • Connectivity: USB2.0 High-Speed, HDMI Mini conector
  • Movie: 1920 x 1080 pixels, 30 frames/sec
Fuji X-S1 with additional lens

Fujifilm X-S1 superzoom camera


Fujifilm X-S1 reviews:

There are a few reviews of Fujifilm X-S1.

From ISO 100 – 800 RAW and JPEG shots are very good with new X-S1. Although image quality deteriorates from ISO 3200 – 6400 it is still an improvement compared to the rest of current superzoom market. More about image quality you can read on Fujifilm X-S1 review from whatdigitalcamera.com. This website says about X-S1:

The X-S1’s larger sensor goes a long way in improving overall image quality in regards to image noise. In fact we’d say the X-S1 has better image quality and lower noise than any other superzoom camera out there, though it won’t quite beat the majority of Compact System Cameras


The new Fujifilm X-S1 offers plenty of image processing customisation options that variously allows to boost highlit detail and to expand the perceived dynamic range of camera. You can learn more about this reading the Fujifilm X-S1 review from trustedreviews.com.

tilting LCD display of X-S1

Fujifilm X-S1 display


The Fuji X-S1 looks and handles like a professional camera and sports a design and finish nearly up there with the semi-pro DSLR that one could otherwise buy for the some price. On Fujifilm X-S1 review, the techradar.com website says:

The Fuji X-S1 is an ideal purchase for the photography nut looking for one camera that can do it all, and prepared to compromise on having image quality not quite on a par with a semi-pro DSLR that one could buy for a similar outlay.


Another Fujifilm X-S1 great review comes from digitalcamerainfo.com. You can read here about standard auto mode and more exotic EXR auto mode available on Fuji X-S1. The EXR mode is the best way to approach automatic shooting.

The Fujifilm X-S1 offers a full range of conventional shooting functions each enabling users to fine tune colour image sharpness and tone. More about this you can read on Fuji X-S1 review by photoreview.com.au.

Two short Fujifilm X-S1 reviews you can also find on cnet and pocket-lint.com websites.

Fuji X-S1

XS1 display


Fujifilm X-S1 picture

Fuji X-S1 camera


lens of new Fujifilm XS1

new X-S1 from Fujifilm


X-S1 back



Fujifilm X-S1

New Fujifilm X-S1 bridge camera


26x optical zoom Fuji X-S1



Fuji X-S1 photo




Fujifilm Finepix X100

The Fujifilm Finepix X100 is a compact camera that looks like a luxury model. Featuring a retro design that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Leica M-series, the Fujifilm X100 is a blend of old and new, bringing together a very traditional control system with some distinctly cutting edge features. The Fujifilm Finepix X100 is a range finder style digicam featuring a fixed f/2.0 lens, 12-Megapixel APS-C sized EXR CMOS imaging sensor and an EXR dual core processor.

The ISO range runs from 200 – 6400 at full resolution and can be expanded to 100 – 12800. Another impressive element of the Fujifilm X100 is the Hybrid Viewfinder which is both optical and electronic into one unit. The X100 has a number of other features that are indebted to the film past, from the quiet leaf shutter, the ring arround the lens to the range of film simulation effects and the leather-like finish.

lens of Fujifilm X100

Fujifilm FinePix X100


Fujifilm X100 specifications:

  • Lenses: Fujinon Single focal length lens (6 groups, 8 lenses)
  • Sensor: 23.6 x 15.8 mm (APS-C) CMOS; 12.3 million pixels
  • Focal length: f=23 mm
  • Display: 2.8 inch, 460000 dots TFT LCD monitor
  • Sensitivity: ISO 200 – 6400 (standard); extended ISO 100 or 12800
  • Storage: Internal memory (20 MB); SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • File format: still image: JPEG/RAW; movie: H.264 (MOV) with Stereo sound
  • Connectivity: HDMI Mini Connector; USB 2.0 High-Speed
  • Movie: 1280 x 720 pixels (24 fps) with stereo sound
Fujifilm Finepix X100 retro design

Fujifilm X100


Fujifilm X100 reviews:

The Fujifilm X100 uses a distinctly traditional control layout, clearly inspired by fully-mechanical compacts from the 1960s with aperture and manual focus rings around the lens barrel. More opinions about the body and design of this camera you can find on Fujifilm Finepix X100 review by dpreview.com. This website says:

The build quality is superb. The top and base plates are die-cast using lightweight, high-strength magnesium alloy, and all the controls and dials are milled from solid metal. Some plastic makes an appearance on the back, of course, for the buttons and four-way controller/rear dial, and it’s also used for the battery/SD compartment door, but overall the X100 gives a rare impression of solidity.


The Fujifilm X100 produces images of outstanding quality. It recorded noise-free JPEG images at ISO 100 all the way up to 3200 and a little noise at ISO 6400. This is an amazing performance for a camera with an APS-C sensor. More about image quality you can read on Fujifilm X100 review from photographyblog.com. This website says:

The Fujifilm Finepix X100 is one of the most surprising, appealing and well-realised cameras of recent times, offering a compelling mix of intuitive handling, impeccable image quality, and a truly innovative viewfinder.

picture with Fujifilm X100

Finepix X100


The shooting info on the viewfinder is displayed clearly along the bottom of the frame, while you can customize the display to feature a wide variety of information. More about performance of X100 you can read on Fujifilm X100 review from whatdigitalcamera.com.

The 720 HD video of Fujifilm Finepix X100 is quite good as 720 HD goes – the camera defaults into AF-C (continuous autofocus) when movie capture is initiated and the camera is pretty good about holding focus as subject distances vary. More about that you can read on Fujifilm Finepix review from digitalcamerareview.com.

Another great Fujifilm X100 review comes from trustedreviews.com website. It concludes:

The Fujifilm X100 certainly isn’t for everyone with its fixed lens, sizeable body and even more sizeable price tag. However, its rock-solid build quality, superb image quality – with exceptional low light performance – and more compact stance than an equivalent DSLR means it will have pride of place for many enthusiasts and pros as a back up to their main kit.


Video review of Fujifilm X100 you can find on Youtube.

image with X100 camera

Fujifilm X100


Finepix X100 detail

Fujifilm X100 display


X100 controls image

Finepix X100 picture



Fujifilm X100 display


X100 controls detail



Fujifilm X10

The Fujifilm X10 is an advanced compact camera that offers a premium retro design, magnesium alloy body, 12-megapixel 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor, a 4x zoom lens with a manual zoom ring, optical viewfinder, 1080p movie recording and a 2.8-inch LCD monitor.

The Fujifilm X10 features a newly developed manual 4X optical zoom lens utilising Fujinon optical technology. With superb F2.0-2.8 brightness and a 4x optical zoom ranging from 28 mm wide angle to 112 mm telephoto, the lens not only delivers high resolution optical performance across the entire range, but it is also a triumph of engineering due to its compact size. Woking in tandem with the 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor, the EXR Processor achieves a new level of performance. Tapping into the power of its two CPUs, EXR Core and a reconfigurable processor, it provides powerful and speedy processing, even Full HD movie and High-speed continuous shooting.


X10 from Fujifilm

New Fujifilm X10


Fujifilm X10 specifications:

  • Sensor: 12.0 million pixels, 2/3-inch EXR CMOS
  • Focal length: f=7.1 – 28.4 mm
  • Optical zoom: 4x
  • Digital zoom: 2x (up to 8x when combined with optical zoom)
  • Image stabilizer: Lens shift type
  • Display: 2.8 inch TFT color LCD monitor
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 3200 (expandable to 12800 at lower resolution)
  • Storage: Internal memory (aprox. 26 MB); SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • File format: still image – JPEG, RAW; Movie – H.264 (MOV) with stereo sound
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 High-Speed, HDMI Mini Connector


Fujifilm X10 design detail

Fujifilm X10


Some review about Fujifilm X10 you can read here:

In his Fujifilm X10 review, the trustedreview.com says that image quality is good, with the Fujifilm X10 able to deliver consistently sharp, bright and vibrant images. The Fujinon optic delivers very high levels of corner to corner sharpness while resolving plenty of fine detail too. Sensitivity performance is very good, with images shot at or under ISO400 free of noise.

In many ways the X10 is the best advanced compact we’ve ever laid our hands on. Not only does it look super stylish, it also handles fantastically while offering a rich feature-set that’ll appeal as much to casual photographers as it will to enthusiasts. The manual zoom control, large optical viewfinder and DSLR-like handling are the X10’s undoubted highlights.


new Fujifilm compact camera

Fujifilm X10


The pocket-lint.com describes X10 as a compact camera with remarkables optical capabilities. An f/2.0-2.8 maximum aperture mekes this compact remarkable. The optical viewfinder is a rarity for a compact and it is able to represent the image at any given focal length, described as a ”zooming optical viewfinder” on the Fujifilm official website.

The X10’s retro styling looks chic and is matched with impressive performance. This is a compact camera at its best and leaves little to be desired. It outperforms all its nearest rivals, has an excellent lens, bags of hands-on controls and will fit the bill for the more discerning snapper.


In Fujifilm X10 review, the digitalcamerainfo.com says that the X10 performed well in noise tests becouse the 2/3” CMOS Sensor is the largest chip in any current fixed-lens compact.

The Fujifilm X10 is an excellent camera. On paper and in practice, it checks off all the boxes that enthusiast and serious photographers look for in a high-end point-and-shoot: optical viewfinder, tons of buttons and dials and manual control, RAW capture, reliable auto mode, great image quality, solid build, and even a twist-barrel zoom and power switch—that last one is probably something that most of the target audience didn’t even know that they wanted.


LCD of Fujifilm X10

Fujifilm X10 display


The 2.8” display may appear to be smaller than some 3” display, but because the 4:3 ratio matches that of sensor, the feed fills the frame without any black bars either side. You can read more about that on whatdigitalcamera.com Fujifilm X10 review.

The final conclusion about Fujifilm X10 is drawn by techcrunch.com review:

While people interested in getting into serious photography would do better to pick up a DSLR and a nice starter prime lens, the X10 is a charming and fairly powerful camera that anyone, photographer or not, will have fun using. A larger sensor for low-light sensitivity would have been welcome, and manual focus is still not as good as the rest of the camera, but overall it’s both practical and lovable. It’s a camera with personality.


You can see full video review of Fujifilm X10 on youtube.


X10 retro design


LCD of Fujifilm X10


Optical viewfinder of Fujifilm X10

Fujifilm X10 viewfinder


New X10 compact camera


New X10 compact camera



All new Fujifilm X10


Fujifilm new X10 compact

Fujifilm X10 retro design


viewfinder of new Fujifilm X10

Fujifilm X10 detail



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