Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS is a new compact and very thin digital camera that offers a great image quality and one of the thinnest 12x optical zoom lens. This new camera is most pocket-friendly than its predecessor and has a 10.1 MP CMOS sensor and the new DIGIC5 image processor.

The new Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS has a 3.0-inch LCD screen, can shoot 1080p full HD video with stereo sound and also has face detection and a face recognition functions.

The Canon ELPH 520 HS is a ultra-slim tracel camera, but offers images of acceptable quality in the various conditions. Best results are evident in low-light conditions where the Digic5 image processor and the 1/2.3-inch sensor show their capabilities.

The Canon ELPH 520 HS can memorize 12 persons with face recognition function and can automatically adjust settings for up to 58 varied shooting scenarios.

The new ultra-slim Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS


Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS specifications:

  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch, CMOS, 10.1 MP
  • Zoom: 12x optical; 4x digital
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch TFT LCD monitor; approx. 461,000 dots
  • Aperture: f/3.4 – f/5.6
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 3200
  • Storage: micro SD/ micro SDHC/ micro SDXC memory card
  • File format: still image EXIF 2.3 (JPEG); video – mov
  • Connectivity: NTSC/PAL dedicated connector, Mini-HDMI, USB 2.0


Detail of new Canon ELPH 520 HS


Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS reviews:


As with many long-zoom cameras, the 12x optical zoom major drawback of Canon ELPH 520 HS is its narrow maximum aperture of F3.4 at wide angle. More about shooting modes and features of Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS you can read on website.


Controls on the top of ELPH 520 HS include the play button, mode switch, power button, and the shutter release. The zoom controls are mounted around the shutter release. More about controls and menus you can find on Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS review from websites.


On Canon ELPH 520 HS review from website you can read about features and performances of this camera and also you can see a lot of sample images. The experts of this website conclude:

 The Canon PowerShot Elph 520 HS is a good choice for those already happy with their smartphone’s photos and movie clips, but looking for a cute, little camera with a long zoom and faster performance. If you’re after significantly better results, though, you’ll need to go with a slightly larger camera


TFT LCD of Canon ELPH 520 HS


Like most cameras of this size, the Canon ELPH 520 HS utilizes a contrast detection autofocus system. Independent Normal, Auto and Macro focus modes are selectable, though manual focus is not possible with this camera. More such details you can read on PowerShot ELPH 520 HS review from

The experts of website noted that the ELPH 520 HS has a versatile 12x zoom lens and also has a digital zoom mode that can extend the focal length substantially. The chromatic aberration is well-controled and the videos recorded with this camera has good colors and stereo sound. This website concludes:

 The Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS is a fine camera. Its small size makes it very convenient to carry around and its powerful zoom provides the user with tremendous versatility. It’s a quick performer, for the most part, though its shot-to-shot speed could be faster, especially when the flash is utilized. It produces sharp, colorful, low distortion images throughout the frame at all focal lengths, including in low light.


PowerShot 520 HS Silver


12x optical zoom lens of Canon ELPH 520 HS


PowerShot 520 HS blue body color


Canon ELPH 520 HS controls detail


Canon ELPH 520 HS red body color image


Canon PowerShot D20

The new Canon PowerShot D20 digital camera has a 12.1 MP CMOS sensor, a 5x optical zoom lens, a integrated GPS system and it is waterproof, shockproof and temperature-resistant. This rugged point-and-shoot model from Canon has also a 3.0″ LCD monitor and ability to shoot full HD 1080p video at 24 frames per second.

The Canon PowerShot D20 is built around of Canon’s HS System which combines the 12.1 MP high-sensitivity CMOS sensor with the Digic4 image processor for high performance in any situation. This system makes possible the high-speed continuous shooting, Face Detection and Full HD video. The Canon PowerShot D20 is a solid choice for those who are looking a rugged camera able to resist in harsh conditions.

The Canon PowerShot D20 can automatically record the locations and local times of stills and videos thanks to the integrated GPS system. The Canon D20 is easy to use with a dedicated movie button that lets you start and stop recording almost instantly. The Canon D20 also incorporates an electronic wind filter. This filter suppresses wind noise that can distort the sound.

Canon PowerShot D20


Canon PowerShot D20 specifications:

  •  Sensor: 12.1 MP, 1/2.3-inch CMOS
  • Focal length: 5.0(W) – 25.0 mm (T)
  • Optical zoom: 5x
  • Digital zoom: 4x
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch TFT LCD, 461k dots
  • Aperture: f/3.9 – f/4.8
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 – 3200
  • Storage: SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • File format: still image – EXIF 2.3 JPEG; Video: MOV
  • Connectivity: NTSC/PAL video out; Mini-Hdmi connector; USB 2.0 Hi-Speed


Canon D20 disponible colors


Canon PowerShot D20 reviews:

The word “rugged” sums up the look and feel of the Canon PowerShot D20. Portability and debatably aesthetics are sacrificed to facilitate a more robust build quality. The unit is flatter than its predecessor resembling an everyday compact camera. The Canon D20 feels reassuringly heavyweight in the palm, with strong airtight seals protecting the camera’s innards. More about build quality and handling of this camera you can read on Canon PowerShot D20 review from

Another Canon PowerShot D20 review comes from website. Here you can learn about usability, image quality and controls of D20 and you can see sample photos and test results. This website concludes:

The D20 is a solid outdoor camera, particularly well-suited to casual photographers who want a hands-off, user-friendly experience. Otherwise, there isn’t much here to separate the D20 from the herd of tough-cams. It feels like Canon wrapped a regular ELPH in a waterproof, shock-resistant case, rather than designing an adventure-ready camera from the ground up.


In terms of exposure modes, the Canon PowerShot D20 remains fully automatic in all modes, although a switch on top of the camera can be used to toggle between the snaptastic Smart Auto mode and the more user-adjustable Normal Shooting mode. More such details you can find on Canon D20 review from website.

Controls of Canon PowerShot D20

Canon PowerShot D20 back

Canon D20 waterproof camera

Canon PowerShot D20 picture

PowerShot D20 image

PowerShot D20 image

Canon PowerShot D20 display

LCD of Canon D20


Canon PowerShot SX260 HS

The new Canon PowerShot SX260 HS is a powerful travel-zoom camera with a number of useful features and that replaces the SX230 HS model. The Canon PowerShot SX260 HS has a 20x optical zoom lens that ranges from a wide-angle 25mm through to a lengthy 500 mm equivalent, and a 12.1 MP high sensitivity CMOS sensor. The Canon SX260 HS also offers built-in GPS with included Map Utility software and GPS logger function.

The Canon PowerShot SX260 HS also features full HD video with stereo sound, full manual controls, 3-inch LCD display and DIGIC 5 image processing engine. In addition, the Canon SX260 HS offers Smart Auto mode with Scene Detection Technology and Easy mode, Face Identification and a range of Creative Filters. The Canon Powershot SX260 HS is available in silver, black, red or green.

20x optical zoom lens of Canon PowerShot SX260 HS


Canon PowerShot SX260 HS specifications:

  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch CMOS, 12.1MP
  • Optical zoom: 20x
  • Digital zoom: 4x
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch TFT LCD with wide viewing range
  • Aperture: f/3.5 – f/6.8
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 – 3200
  • Movie: 1920 x 1080/24fps; 1280 x 720/30 fps
  • File format: Still image: Exif.2.3 (JPEG); video: MOV
  • Storage: SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • Connectivity: Mini-HDMI connector; NTSC/PAL dedicated connector


Canon PowerShot SX260 HS front picture


Canon PowerShot SX260 HS reviews:

The Canon PowerShot SX260 HS is made almost entirely of metal and it is compact and easy to hold. The front view shows the SX260’s new ”flat top” design, since the GPS receiver has been pushed back into the body. More about design and features of Canon PowerShot SX260 you can read on

In the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS review, the website says that Canon SX260 HS produces images of very good quality. The SX260 HS handled chromatic aberrations well, with limited purple fringing effects appearing only in high contrast situations and generally at the edges of the frame. This website concludes about Canon PowerShot SX260 HS:

Despite looking outwardly similar to its predecessor, the PowerShot SX260 HS represents a big step forward for Canon’s travel-zoom cameras and is a real challenger to Panasonic’s TZ30 model. Anyone looking for a pocket camera that can shoot high quality stills and video both near and far should seriously consider the exciting new Canon PowerShot SX260 HS.


The new PowerShot SX260 HS comes with Canon’s latest DIGIC5 image processor. This is notable faster than the DIGIC4 processor and allows the SX260 to shoot a maximum 10FPS in High-Speed Burst mode. More technical details can be found on Canon PowerShot SX260 HS review by


Canon PowerShot SX260 HS picture


Another impressive feature on the PowerShot SX260 HS is its 3.0-inch TFT LCD monitor. This is a high quality screen with 461k dots which is very bright, and it really doesn’t suffer from much screen glare outdoors. These things can be read on website. Experts of this site conclude:

For beginning and intermediate photographers, the PowerShot SX260 HS has a nice set of features that can grow with you as you learn more about photography. Beginners can make use of the Smart Auto and Easy modes for simple operation, while intermediate shooters can look to use Program or Manual modes to achieve more control over the shot.


Another great Canon PowerShot SX260 HS review comes from This website remarked the two auto modes available on this camera: regular Auto mode and Easy mode.


Canon Powershot SX260 HS photo

Canon Sx260 HS lens


Canon PowerShot SX260 HS top view


LCD monitor of Canon SX260 HS

Canon SX260 HS display detail


Canon EOS-1D X

The job of new Canon EOS-1D X is to replace both the sports-orientated 1D series (1D-MK IV and 1Ds MK III). The biggest specification changed to the 1Dx is its new sensor, an 18 MP full-frame CMOS chip capable of shooting at 12 frames per second. The Canon EOS-1DX offers a 61-point autofocus system, with every AF point being sensitive to horizontal contrast at maximum apertures f/5.6 and larger. The new EOS-1Dx has also a full HD video mode shooting at 24, 25 or 30 fps.

The control of this new 1D camera have changed for the better, as the customisable buttons on the front face and the multi-controller on the back of the camera are now doubled up on the vertical grip handle, making it a whole lot easier to use camera in portrait mode.

Canon EOS-1D X


Canon EOS-1D X specifications:

  • Sensor: CMOS, 18.1 Megapixels, 35 mm
  • Display: 3.2in LCD; 1,040,000 dots
  • Connectivity: USB, A/V, mini HDMI, wired remote
  • Sensitivity: ISO 50 to 51200 (Extended)
  • Image processor: Digic 5+
  • movie: full HD

Canon EOS-1D X picture


Canon EOS-1D X reviews:

The Canon EOS 1Dx adopted several design cues and controls that bring it right in line with how some lower-end models operate. The two noticeable examples of this on the rear of the camera are the dedicated live view button and the “quick” menu button. More about handling and controls you can read on website.

The Canon EOS 1DX AF sensor is larger than any previous 1D/1Ds body. The vertical measurement remains 8mm but the horizontal measurement increased from 15 mm to 19 mm. More technical details and comparisons with other DSLR cameras you can read on Canon EOS-1DX review from website.

In Canon EOS-1DX review, the website says that in the past Canon has given professional photographers two options: a high-speed model (EOS-1D MK IV) for reportage, sport and action work or a high-resolution model (EOS-1D MKIII) for studio use. The EOS-1Dx now addresses both markets.

An opinion by a professional photographer about Canon EOS-1DX can be found on website.

Canon EOS 1Dx detail


Canon EOS-1 DX DSLR camera


Canon EOS-1DX top controls


EOS-1D X picture


Canon EOS 1DX detail


Canon PowerShot G1 X

The Canon PowerShot G1 X is a new premium compact camera with a large CMOS image sensor. Incorporating Canon-developed technologies and expertise trusted by professionals worldwide, the new PowerShot G1 x offers a level of image quality previously only possible with a Canon DSLR.

The Canon G1 X offers a wide range of external controls, an articulated LCD and an optical viewfinder, which makes it not only an attractive second camera for SLR enthusiasts but also a potential alternative to entry-level SLRs or mirrorless system cameras. The G1X also offers an extensive ISO range of 100 to 12800, 4x zoom lens, built-in flash and full HD movie recording.

new G1 X premium camera from Canon

Canon PowerShot G1 X


Canon PowerShot G1 X specifications:

  • Sensor: 14.3 Megapixels, 1.5-inch CMOS
  • Focal length: 15.1 – 60.4 mm
  • Optical zoom: 4x
  • Display: 3.0-inch TFT LCD monitor; 992,000 dots
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 12800
  • Storage: SD/SDXC/SDHC Memory Card
  • File format: JPEG, RAW, MOV
  • Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB 2.0/ Analog:PAL,NTSC/digital: HDMI mini connector
  • Movie: 1280 x 720 / 30fps
Canon PowerShot new G1 X

New Canon G1 X



Canon PowerShot G1X reviews:

The G1 X’s core capabilities are defined by its lens, which is an entirely-new 15.1-60.4 mm F2.8-5.8 design. The lens is fitted with a built-in 3-stop neutral density filter and offers a very versatile focal length range that covers most general photography needs. More about this you can read on on Canon PowerShot G1X review by

Another great Canon G1 X review comes from This website says that Canon G1X offers a superb level of manual functionality and it is capable of producing stunningly detailed full-resolution images.

Canon G1X details

PowerShot G1X controls


The Canon PowerShot G1X produces clean, noise-free images up to ISO 400. Tonality, colour saturation and sharpness is particularly pleasing on this camera’s JPEG files with RAW images offering even more detail. You can learn more about image quality of this camera on Canon G1X review from

More technical details of Canon G1X but comparisons with other similar cameras (from Sony, Panasonic, Nikon and Olympus) you can find on website.

A short Canon PowerShot G1X review, with some expert opinions and sample photos you can find on website.

As the G1 X’s lens has been engineered using many of the processes used by the Canon EF lens range, it is a top quality piece of glass. This and the level of detail rivals a DSLR cameras. More about that you can read on Canon G1X review from This website says about this camera:

The Canon G1 X’s sensor is the star of the show. The images this camera can produce are exceptional, easily of a DSLR quality – and it’s not often that’s said.


Canon G1X design

Canon G1X picture


new Canon G1X


articulated LCD of Canon G1 X

Canon PowerShot G1X display


Canon G1X image

Canon PowerShot G1 x



Canon PowerShot S100

The Canon PowerShot S100 is a high-end 12.1-megapixel compact digital camera and it is the follow-up to the popular Canon PowerShot S95. The new S100 abandons the CCD sensor of the earlier model in favour of a new high sensitivity CMOS sensor. The S100 also comes with the brand new DIGIC 5 processor, which is rated six times faster than its predecessor. Thanks to those components, the S100 now offers 1080p HD video capture, as well as improved low-light/ high-ISO performance when shooting stills.

The new Canon PowerShot S100 adds also to old S95 a wider-angle 24 mm start to the zoom range, manual controls and a built-in GPS.

The PowerShot S100 is a sophisticated pocket-friendly point-and-shoot digital camera that has the power advanced users and enthusiasts need to create standout images. As with other PowerShot cameras, the compact PowerShot S100 incorporates all of the advanced Canon technologies that make capturing superb photos and video as easy as pressing a button.

says Canon.

S100 digital camera from Canon

Canon PowerShot S100


Canon PowerShot S100 specifications:

  • Sensor: 1/1.7 CMOS, 12.1 Megapixel
  • Focal length: 5.2 – 26.0 mm
  • Optical zoom: 5x
  • Digital zoom: 4x
  • Image stabilization: lens shift-type and Intelligent IS
  • Sensitivity: ISO 80 to 6400
  • Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC Memory Card
  • File format: Still image: JPEG, RAW; Movie:MOV
  • Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB, HDMI Mini Connector, A/V output
  • Display: 3.0″ TFT, 461000 dots


new digital compact camera from Canon

Canon PowerShot S100


Canon PowerShot S100 reviews:

In Canon PowerShot S100 review, the website says that the CMOS sensor and new Digic 5 image processor make possible a new, highly advanced automatic white balance system which analyzes several areas of the image to determine whether different adjustments are needed for specific areas of the frame. This website concludes:

With full manual controls and the ability to shoot in RAW and JPEG along with typical compact digital automatic modes, the S100 has the potential to attract a user base ranging from folks who never go beyond full auto well toward the enthusiast end of the spectrum.


The Canon PowerShot S100 is a great little camera for advanced shooters who don’t mind slowing down a bit from a DSLR, affirms CNet. This website also emphasizes the addition of GPS receiver to the camera for geotagging photos.

new PowerShot S100



The combination of Canon’s homegrown CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor does a good job of managing noise while maintaining a reasonable amount of detail. Noise is well-controlled throughout the ISO range, and JPEG noise reduction retains most of the fine detail up to ISO 800

says on Canon PowerShot S100 review. Also this website says that the S100 comes equipped with a buil-in optical ND filter that can be engaged to allow you shoot with wider apertures in bright light or at slower shutter speeds to blur motion.

The Canon PowerShot S100 handled chromatic aberrations well with limited purple fringing effects appearing only in high contrast situations. The built-in flash worked well indoors with no red-eye and good overall exposure. More about technical details of PowerShot S100 and results of the image quality tests you can read on photographyblog‘s review.


The final verdict about Canon PowerShot S100 comes from

Take into account the superb handling, impressive image quality – particularly at high ISOs – slick, detailed Full HD video, plus a responsive, accurate GPS system, and you have the recipe for a pretty remarkable camera that you can take anywhere.


S100 black



Canon PowerShot S100 display


New Canon PowerShot S100


S100 optical zoom



Canon powerShot S100 details

S100 top


S100 TFT Display


Canon S100


Canon PowerShot S100



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